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Project on promoting enabling environment for cooperative development through appropriate policy changes on gender equality and good governance. (2018-22)

Implemented by: National Cooperative Council of Sri Lanka

Collaborated by : We Effect ( Swedish Cooperative Centre)

We Effectis an International Development Cooperation Organization, having its Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden. We Effect – Sri Lanka, bearing the Registration No. FL – 152316 with National Secretariat for Non – Governmental Organizations, operates under the laws of Sri Lanka, having its principal place of business at No. 264/3, Dewala Road, Koswatta, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.
The National Cooperative Council and We Effect ( Swedish Cooperative Centre -SCC) entered in to agreement in 2008 to implement the joint project on “strengthening the capacities of Cooperative societies in Sri Lanka” which first cycle ended in 31st of December 2017. At present the new cycle of the project is being implemented under the name of “Project on promoting enabling environment for cooperative development through appropriate policy changes on gender equality and good governance” which is planned to be implemented from 2018 to 2022.

Duration: 5 years (2018-22)

Project overreaching Goal:

“To contribute on promoting enabling environment for cooperative development  Sri Lanka.”

Project Objective:

“To strengthen cooperative sector with the introduced policy changes on good governance and gender equality at provincial and national level”


Project composition (components)

Target Beneficiaries

  • 10 District Cooperative Councils (DCCs) in six provinces and 2 apex level coop.
  • For National level gender policy changes, all districts will be considered.
  • 135 National level women Coop leaders (NCC)
  • 300 District level Department Cooperative Officers -50 officers per province in
  • 750 existing and potential women Coop leaders at District and Divisional levels ( 50 per DCC)
  • 3000 Coop members and DCC and apex (1800 women and 1200 men) ( 200 per DCC)

Main Outputs of the Project

Component 01: Cooperative Development 
Output 1.1Selected DCCs and Coop federations improved organizational capacity by 2022
Output 1.2Selected DCCs and Coop federations improved good governance by 2022
Output 1.3Improved capacity and GG of NCCSL
Component 02: Business Development 
Output 2.1 10 DCCs and 2 federations with improved business capacity
Component 03 : Promotion of Gender Equality with Good Governance 
Output 3.1Advocacy strategy on promotion of gender equality in coop sector is implemented
Output 3.2Cooperative sector is influenced to change the Cooperative Act and Statutes at Provincial and National level with the inclusion of gender equality and GG code
Output 3.3Increased capacity of Cooperative Department officers on Cooperative development
Component 4: Technical support and Project Quality improvement 
Output 4.1Improved quality in project planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and learning
 More effective coordination model established and continued up to end of the project

For More Information please contact: Mr. Kumara Pothuwila –Project Manager

                                                                Office : 0112554516        Mobil: 0719353264